jfryman/nginx - duplicate location error?

If you are using the most popular nginx module for Puppet and receiving a duplication location error that looks something like:

Error: Duplicate declaration: Concat::Fragment[your.host.name-500-_] is already declared in file /path/to/modules/nginx/manifests/resources/location.pp:277; cannot redeclare at /path/to/modules/nginx
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Mouse driven copy and paste not working with tmux using iterm2?


You're used to being able to select text with the mouse and have it copy to your clipboard, but after switching to using tmux (because it's awesome) you find that you can't copy text anymore.


If you're using iterm2 on OSX, the option key will turn off mouse

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Ghost timeout when hitting Admin Panel?

I host this blog on a box that I am constantly toying around with. This is a repository for my ideas and complaints and as such isn't a site that I treat with kid gloves like most other production sites. That bit me in the ass a bit, alas.


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